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Advanced Ratings
Once you've earned your Private Pilot license, you may want to add some additional ratings.  With each rating or new license you get, you'll improve your flying ability and increase your privileges as a pilot.
Instrument Rating
With the instrument rating, you are able to fly through clouds and when visibility is less than three miles.  This rating allows you to fly on days when flying without the rating would not be possible.  If you plan on using your pilot license for personal or business travel, the instrument rating is a must.

Throughout the instrument training you will also sharpen your flying skills.  Most people find the training to be some of the most challenging and satisfying of their flying careers.  While getting your Private license, you learn to fly by referencing the horizon and the outside world.  With the instrument rating, you re-learn to fly by only looking at the instruments in the plane while following very precise flight procedures.

The instrument training takes about 35 flight hours for most people.  An estimate of the training program follows:
Airplane rental for 35 hours
Simulator for 15 hours
Instruction for 80 hours
Written Test
Practical Test

Multi-Engine Rating
As the name implies, the multi-engine rating allows you to fly airplanes with more than one engine. Multi-engine airplanes are often faster than single engine airplanes and can carry more weight.  Many people find the extra complexity of managing two engines to be very satisfying.

Slipstream Aviation uses the Piper Twin Comanche for multi-engine training.  It has some of the smallest engines of any twin engine airplane, yet is surprisingly fast.  This combination makes it a very efficient and cost effective multi-engine aircraft.  The Twin Comanche is an ideal training airplane as well as a great plane to rent and fly long distances.

The multi-engine training takes about 10 flight hours (probably the 10 most fun hours of all your flight training) for most people.  An estimate of the program follows:
Airplane rental for 10 hours Instruction for 25 hours
Practical Test
Commercial License
If you are thinking of working as a pilot, then you'll need to get your commercial license.  Once you have this license, you'll be able to earn money for your flying services.

To qualify for this license, you'll build experience in both single engine and multi-engine airplanes. Once you've gained 250 hours of flight experience along with a variety of cross country and other aeronautical experience requirements, you'll be eligible for the Commercial License.  There are many different ways to gain the 250 hours of flight time.  This makes estimating the exact cost of the license very difficult.  From the beginning of your flight training (zero flight time) through getting your Commercial License, you should expect to spend between $65,000 and $75,000.  Slipstream Aviation's prices are very competitive, and we fly some of the best and most fun airplanes in the industry.