Use the interactive map above to find your way to the Dallas Executive Airport.  If you use a GPS, it will easily get you to the airport, but once there, the GPS will take you to the wrong place on the airport property!

Here is the trick to get to our office:

We're inside of Ambassador Jet Center.  Follow the signs to Ambassador Jet Center (it's also referred to as "FBO").  

Turn left onto Saturn Drive from Challenger and you'll see Gate 8 ahead of you. Pull up to the keypad on your left and push the call button.  Let them know you're here for your flight with us and they'll buzz the gate open.​

Drive through the gate and straight ahead past four rows of hangers; you will see a sign pointing towards "FBO".  Head right and you'll see the parking lot ahead on the left for Ambassador Jet Center, along with our Slipstream Aviation sign pointing into the parking lot.  Park there and head inside the offices attached to the big hanger.

We are inside Ambassador Jet Center, upstairs on the second floor.

Slipstream Aviation
Dallas Executive Airport
Inside Ambassador Jet Center
5435 Saturn Drive
Dallas, Texas 75237