At Slipstream Aviation, the Grumman Cheetah was carefully chosen as the primary training aircraft. We believe that its flying qualities help to ingrain great habits and techniques in the next generation of pilots.  It is not the most forgiving airplane, which in turn requires us as pilots to fly it correctly.  The great feedback from our customers, mechanics, and pilot examiners makes us confident in the use of this type of plane as our primary training aircraft.  If you are able to compare it to the other planes used for training, we are confident you will agree it is a joy to fly.
We have four Grumman Cheetahs.  Each is IFR certified and equipped with a Garmin 430 (color moving map GPS navigator), a second Com/Nav radio, and a 4-place intercom.

$155 per hour, fuel included.
Plus $15 per flight on the ADS-B equipped planes.
Mischa Porter - Owner, Chief Flight Instructor
Gold Seal Instructor
2016 AOPA Honor Roll

First flight at 15 years old, regional airline pilot right out of college, full time instructor after starting Slipstream Aviation in 2006.  Over 7,000 hours flight time.  

$60 per hour in our planes
$70 per hour in your plane
This page last updated: March 10, 2017

Go ahead, call or e-mail!  We check e-mail all the time, and, if we miss your call, we're probably out flying, so please leave a message and we'll get right back to you.
Our Fleet
The Twin
The Trainers
Our Instructors
The Simulator
$35 per hour

​The simulator is the perfect way to:
  • introduce new concepts
  • perfect instrument procedures
  • master using the Garmin 430
  • accomplish an instrument proficiency check
Help Wanted
Now Hiring Flight Instructors in Dallas, TX
If you're an experienced CFI who would like to join us, give us a call (817-658-5988) or e-mail us your resume (to  We're always looking for talented instructors who want to become a part of our team.  
1966 PA30 - Piper Twin Comanche
$315 per hour, fuel included.
Plus $15 per flight for ADS-B compliance.

Aspen Primary Flight Display! Garmin 530 WAAS, autopilot with altitude pre-select and GPS Steering (GPSS), and L3 Lynx touchscreen transponder with ADS-B weather and traffic (and it streams to your iPad with ForeFlight).

160 Knot cruise!
Harold Rutila - CFI, CFII
Gold Seal Instructor

Harold ventured to Texas from Detroit to join the Slipstream team in the fall of 2016. He trained in Flint, MI where he got his private through CFI. Harold earned his BS in Aviation Management from Purdue University in Indiana. He went on to work at Purdue Aviation, an FBO affiliated with the university. Harold has been instructing since 2013 and his dedication to training excellence has earned him the prestigious Gold Seal Flight Instructor Certificate. 

$55 per hour in our planes
$65 per hour in your plane
Andy Herres - CFI, CFII, MEI

Andy dreamed of flying his whole life, and is now fulfilling that goal.  He was a student at Slipstream for about a year, training with Mischa for all three of his instructor licenses.  He now flies for Boutique Air while still instructing part-time.  He brings with him a love for teaching and a love for flying.

$55 per hour in our planes
$65 per hour in your plane