We have four Grumman Cheetahs.  Each is IFR certified and equipped with a Garmin 430 with WAAS, an HSI, a PS Engineering audio sector panel with intercom, and all are ADS-B compliant with the Lynx by L3 (the FAA's ADS-B 2020 mandate is right around the corner!). All our planes are also equipped with graphic engine analyzers and fuel computers.

Some may be hesitant to buy flight school airplanes, but I believe they'd be mistaken.  These planes have been well cared for and not flown too much, since we're a small flight school.  Right after we purchased each of the planes, they went through a period of abnormally high maintenance requirements.  But once they got the bugs worked out (usually from previously being under-utilized), they all turned out to be very reliable, wonderful airplanes.
This page last updated: January 6, 2019

Our fleet is for sale!
For sale: Grumman Cheetah N387G

Total time: 3,870
Since major overhaul: 1,510
S-tec 30 autopilot with altitude hold!
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For Sale: Grumman Cheetah N26297

Total time: 7,420
Since major overhaul: 1,970 (but 1,190 since prop strike inspection)
Garmin G5 attitude indicator!
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For sale: Grumman Cheetah N329P

Total time: 4,980
Since major overhaul: 3,400
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For sale: Grumman Cheetah N9988U

Total time: 2,595
Since major overhaul: 160
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