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When most people learn to fly, the Private Pilot license is the goal.  The Private Pilot license allows you to fly day or night, as long as the weather is good and you stay out of the clouds. You'll be able to rent airplanes (most small airports around the country have rental planes available) or buy your own.

Slipstream Aviation works hard to ensure that our customers receive the best and safest training in the industry. Getting started with your training is as easy as scheduling your first lesson. To get it scheduled, just give us a call to schedule and pay for your lesson which costs $300. That very first lesson includes a pre-flight briefing on how we'll fly the basic flight maneuvers, a hands-on pre-flight inspection of the airplane, and an hour-long flight during which you'll do almost all the flying. If you'd like to be super-prepared for this flight, read Chapter 1Chapter 3, and Chapter 5 in the FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook. Those chapters will include information about most of the maneuvers we'll cover during the flight. We're sure you’ll have a great time while taking the first step towards realizing your dream to fly!

To keep your training moving forward smoothly, we follow a syllabus which guides our ground lessons, flight lessons, and your study.  We utilize a training program from industry-leader Sporty's which includes a syllabus, online training course, and textbooks from the FAA - all designed to work together to help you prepare to pass the written, practical, and oral tests while becoming a safe and proficient pilot. We recommend scheduling 3-4 lessons per week (more is even better).  Each lesson is about 2.5 hours long and includes ground instruction and flight time.  

With a schedule of 3-4 lessons per week, you'll likely be ready to fly solo after a couple of months, and you will be on track to get your pilot's license about 4-5 months after beginning your training.

Below is a cost estimate that shows an estimate of how much you might spend during the course of attaining your Private Pilot's license. This estimate is based on 10 more hours of flight time than the minimum, instead of the FAA's minimum of 40 hours. Very few people are able to become a proficient pilot in the FAA's minimum number of hours. The national average is around 70 - 80 hours of flight time. We'll provide an estimate of a good-case scenario where the student is able to train regularly and makes good steady progress throughout training.  Also included in the below estimate are some of the other costs that come up along the way while getting your Private Pilot's license.  
Airplane rental for 50 hours Instruction for 70 hours
Written Test
Practical Test
Study Material, Supplies


Go ahead, call or e-mail!  We check e-mail all the time, and if we miss your call, we're probably out flying, so please leave a message and we'll get right back to you.
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We understand that your time and money are worth a lot. Besides our site, there are some great resources out there with information on the learning to fly process. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA, and the Federal Aviation Administration ( both have very helpful information about becoming a pilot along with choosing the right flight school.  The FAA publishes a Student Pilot Guide that answers a lot of questions about learning to fly.

Once you have your Private Pilot license, you may want to expand your horizons by adding on Advanced Ratings.  These include the Instrument rating and Multi-Engine rating.  After those ratings, you may choose to get your Commercial Pilot license which allows you to earn money as a pilot.  Check these out at our Advanced Ratings page.

Getting started in any of our programs is easy.  Our Chief Flight Instructor is available to talk with you about your aviation goals, answer your questions, and help you become a pilot.  Call Mischa, our Chief Flight Instructor, at 817-658-5988.
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