This page last updated: January 6, 2019

SOLD!   N26297    1977 Grumman Cheetah    AA-5A
Very updated panel!
$58,000 (plus tax unless you're in a tax-exempt situation)

This is the Cheetah that started it all for Slipstream Aviation.  We purchased it in 2005 after reading many articles about the fine Grummans.  It proved to be as good as the articles said and led the way for the rest of our Cheetah purchases.  This plane also seems to climb better than any of the other Cheetahs out there.  We never could figure out why.  Along the way we even swapped propellers and carburetors between planes and nothing followed.  Whatever the reason, you'll appreciate how this Cheetah climbs a good couple hundred feet per minute faster than any other Cheetah.  It's also a little lighter than many Cheetahs, allowing it to cary more payload.  

This yellow beauty just got a fresh paint job in October of 2017 (modeled after the Kodiak Quest, thanks to Scheme Designers, Inc for permission to do that)​.

This one has the best panel in the fleet with its Garmin G5 attitude indicator and an electric, slaved HSI.  The aftermarket, electronically driven engine instruments have been located closer to the pilot's line-of-sight; far better than Grumman's original design of having them over on the right side of the panel.  The original fuses are long gone and have been replaced with modern circuit breakers.

It's ADS-B compliant! The amazing Lynx by L3 takes care of the ADS-B Out requirement (the 2020 mandate is right around the corner!), as well as takes full advantage of all the ADS-B In products. It shows the ADS-B In products on its own screen, as well as streams them out to our tablets in the cockpit. It's really a very impressive addition to the avionics stack.

N26297 just had an annual inspection at the end of May and is now in the process of finishing up sealing the fuel tanks.  With lots of fixes accomplished recently (check out the logbooks below), this is an incredibly clean, squawk-free plane and should give you a wonderful ownership experience.

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