This page last updated: August 2, 2018

                        1977 Grumman Cheetah    N329P
$43,000 (plus tax unless you're in a tax-exempt situation)
N329P is the beautiful queen of the fleet. It's been a reliable workhorse for us over the past 7 years.  In that time it's received a full panel modernization, a new interior, and a new paint job (modeled after the Kodiak Quest, thanks to Scheme Designers, Inc for permission to do that).  This dreamboat is in active service and is ready to dive right into service with you. 

The backstory:  N329P was our second airplane. It didn’t, however, have an easy transition into our fleet. When we first got it, the engine didn't put out enough power. We troubleshot it many different ways and nothing worked. So we finally decided to send it to an engine overhaul facility, Western Skyways, for a serious inspection. The procedure they followed was a prop-strike inspection (we didn't have a prop-strike, that's just the name for the kind of inspection). That involved a complete disassembly of the engine, inspection of every component and part to make sure they were within specs, replacement of any worn items, and re-assembly. It's a lot like an overhaul, just without the mandated replacement of various components.

Western Skyways didn't find any glaring issues with the engine, but it came back to us running like it should. My guess is that prior to their disassembly and re-assembly, something internal hadn't been put together quite right. After that, N329P has been an amazing airplane for us. That was in 2011. Since then, it's turned into one of our most popular planes and has flown over 2,800 hours. 

The engine has a lot of hours on it, but it's doing great. We put a new cylinder on it in December 2017 due to a bad exhaust valve. We do oil analysis at each oil change and always service it with AvBlend oil additive. All signs point towards this being an old, but very healthy engine. Check out this glowing report.

The new paint is in perfect shape (and has clear coat to make it last a long time), the interior is great, and the panel has everything you could want (except for an autopilot of course). Since the engine is timed out, it is completely de-valued which is bringing the price of the plane down by $20k. And since it's still running like a champ, there should be no need to overhaul it any time soon. 

And it's ADS-B compliant! The amazing Lynx by L3 takes care of the ADS-B Out requirement (the 2020 mandate is right around the corner!), as well as takes full advantage of all the ADS-B In products. It displays the ADS-B In products on its own screen, as well as streams them out to our tablets in the cockpit. It's really a very impressive addition to the avionics stack.

N329P just had an annual inspection in May. And, that annual was done by an inspector who had never seen the plane before. Since one of the purposes of a pre-purchase is to get an objective opinion of the plane, that inspector would be happy to share his impression with you. Give David a call at (850) 292-8701 if you'd like to chat with him. Will this recent annual suffice as a pre-purchase inspection? That's totally up to you. The inspection was 35 hours and 1.5 months ago.

Call me, Mischa, directly at 817-602-4323 with any questions.

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