This page last updated: August 2, 2018

                    1977 Grumman Cheetah    AA-5A    N387G
$63,000 (plus tax unless you're in a tax-exempt situation)
This beautiful red Cheetah has an autopilot!  It's an S-Tec 30 autopilot with altitude hold.  The rest of the panel has been transformed into a well-equipped, modern panel as well.

We purchased this plane in 2012 with only 200 hours on the engine.  The panel had very little in the way of avionics and so we re-did the whole thing.  We removed all the fuses and replaced them with circuit breakers, replaced all the panel switches, removed the old engine instruments and replaced them with modern versions with electronic senders, added a JPI engine analyzer with fuel computer, added the HSI, and completely revamped the avionics stack.  The interior has been replaced and now with its fresh paint job (modeled after the Kodiak Quest, thanks to Scheme Designers, Inc for permission to do that), it's about as nice as a Cheetah can get.  

It's ADS-B compliant!  The amazing Lynx by L3 takes care of the ADS-B Out requirement (the 2020 mandate is right around the corner!), as well as takes full advantage of all the ADS-B In products.  It shows the ADS-B In products on its own screen, as well as streams them out to our tablets in the cockpit.  It's really a very impressive addition to the avionics stack.

Call me, Mischa, directly with any questions 817-602-4323.

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