This page last updated: January 6, 2019

SOLD!       N9988U    1977 Grumman Cheetah    AA-5A
$79,000 (plus tax unless you're in a tax-exempt situation)

This low-time cream puff is the most recent addition to our fleet.  We purchased it at the beginning of 2013 with a timed-out engine and no avionics to speak of.  We had the engine overhauled by Ly-Con Aircraft Engines who are renowned for their high quality overhauls that are used extensively in race airplanes (as well as our fine Grummans!), and completely overhauled the panel.  All in, we put about $120,000 into the purchase and improvement of this plane.  Now it can be yours for an amazing value!

We're scheduled to take it to the paint shop next month.  If you want to pick the paint job, buy it now and we'll get it painted to your specs!  It got a little hail damage last year so insurance is helping out on the cost of the new paint.

And it's ADS-B compliant! The amazing Lynx by L3 takes care of the ADS-B Out requirement (the 2020 mandate is right around the corner!), as well as takes full advantage of all the ADS-B In products. It displays the ADS-B In products on its own screen, as well as streams them out to our tablets in the cockpit. It's really a very impressive addition to the avionics stack.

N9988U just had an annual inspection in March (check out the logbooks below for all the details) and is in great shape to give you many years of happy Grumman flying.

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