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Best of the Best Aviation Schools 
Slipstream was my saving grace or I wouldn't have become a pilot. I have a private license and I am working on my instrument rating. I started in another school and didn't learn much. A designated examiner pointed me to this school saying the owner, Mischa, was a true craftsman. Not only have I learned to fly, but I know more about my aircraft because of the fabulous training I have received. Dallas Executive is a great place to hone your radio communications skills and not so busy that you are wasting money waiting to fly.

Excellent teacher, great plane to learn to fly in 
I got my private pilot certification with Slipstream about 2 years ago. I have since come back for proficiency training and as a renter of the Cheetahs. Mischa is an excellent teacher: He is very calm and pleasant, and he can clearly explain concepts in the air and on the ground. With his help I was able to complete my training very close to the 40 hour minimum. The Grumman Cheetah is a fun plane to fly with great visibility. Dallas Executive airport is very well suited for training: you get practice with a tower and some jet traffic, but you completely avoid the congestion and waiting time of other DFW airports.

Far exceeded my expectations 
I did a fairly exhaustive review of flight school options and several people recommended Slipstream. I've been very pleased with the skill of the instructors at Slipstream not only from their obvious level of experience and technical ability but also because they really do a great job of making it a fun and interesting experience. In addition, the location is perfect at Redbird/Executive since it is a controlled airport but not terribly busy on most days. After comparing my experience with others, I'm certain they were the best choice.

Exellent experience 
Takes the time to fully explain any questions I have. Due to my current situation I have not completed my training there but eager to return. Fully recommend Slipstream to anybody who is looking into learning how to fly! Very professional and with safety first, I always feel safe taking into the air with mischa.

Memorable Experience 
My wife and I celebrated our ten-year anniversary with an unforgettable trip in the air! We were thankful for Slipstream and Mischa Porter's professional attitude, encouraging spirit and love for teaching. We wish him continued success!

Intro Flight Lesson
I took an introductory flight lesson on Sunday, January 2 with David Hite.  I had a fantastic time and was truly impressed with David’s calmness, competence and level-headedness.  There was no doubt ever that he was in charge and would get me through whatever was needed.   He seems to be a truly gifted instructor, and I would be pleased to fly with him again.

I have been blessed to do some very cool things in my life.  My experience on January 2 definitely ranks in the top ten. 

I look forward to flying some more with Slipstream.

Great Flight
My girlfriend, Natalie, and I shared an incredible experience flying with our flight instructor, Shane. Our instructor was a great guy and had the knowledge to teach Natalie and I a lot about flying and make us comfortable with the overall experience. I will definitely recommend Slipstream to my friends in the future and would do this again in a heartbeat
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