Twin Syllabus
Lesson One

Aerodynamics of the Multi-Engine
1.   Differential Thrust
2.   VMC
3.   Factors Affecting VMC
4.   Feathering prop and drag reduction
5.   Why bank into the good engine?

Multi-engine Performance
1.   Climb capability on one engine
2.   Accelerate Stop
3.   Accelerate Go
4.   Weight and balance calculation

Dual Flight
1.   Normal start, taxi, run-up
2.   Normal takeoff, climb, cruise
3.   Steep turns
4.   Slow flight
5.   Demonstrated single engine
6.   Normal landings
Lesson Two

1.    Constant speed propellers
2.    Landing gear
       a.    Squat switch
       b.    Emergency extension
3,    Cabin heating
4.    Fuel system
5.    Electrical system
6.    Anti-ice systems
7.    Autopilot system

Dual Flight
1.    Simulated engine failure after take off
2.    Normal Departure
3.    Steep turns
4.    Slow flight
5.    Power on & off stalls
6.    Engine failure
​7.    Drag demonstration
8.    Air-start
9.    VMC demonstration
10.  Simulated single engine landing
Lesson Three

1.    Short field operations
2.    Instrument multi-engine procedures
​       a.    non-precision profile
       b.    single engine non-precision
       c.    precision profile
       d.    single engine precision profile

Dual Flight
1.    Short field take off
2.    Short field landing
3.    Engine failure after takeoff
4.    VMC demonstration
5.    Air-start
6.    Non-precision approach
       a.    missed approach
7.    Single engine non-precision 

Lesson Four

1.    Emergency descent
2.    Aborted take off
3.    Engine failure prior to rotation

Dual Flight
1.    Short field take off
2.    Engine failure after take off
3.    VMC Demo
4.    Airstart
5.    Emergency descent
6.    Precision approach
7.    Single engine precision approach
8.    Simulated engine failure prior to V1
9.    Short field landing

Below is our generic twin syllabus.  It may be perfect for you and your multi-engine training, or we will customize it to fit your particular needs and experience level.  It may be possible to accomplish all the training in these four lessons, however, it's very common to take longer than that to become proficient with multi-engine flying.